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sjt25664 1 def 1 SexJapanTV sjt25664 1 def 1 PATTING HER PUSSY

A doe-eyed young lady lies casual and languid in the soft afternoon light. An itch for sexual release grabs her while she’s chatting on her mobile phone and instinctively she grabs her nipples under a loose t-shirt and softly pats and strokes her hand around the edge of he panties. Letting the warm glow spread through her, she reaches both hands into her panties and touches herself.
Her hands slide across and tease her sensitive breasts, and she rolls over to hump her crotch against the fleecy blanket. Reaching in her fingers find the humid folds of her pussy and work their way inside. She peels off her top and panties, uses both hands to gently pull open her buzzing clit and the soft lips around it. She pets and pats her love button, flicking across with the pads of her fingertips. Her eyes glaze over and she bites her lip as the sensation takes over. Soft straight chestnut locks fall over her face as she reaches up for her bra and panties to dress again and face the world.

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