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Beautiful and feminine, a sexy lass in flowing white belted top runs to find a place where she can escape pissing herself. She barely squats before her furry mound shoots out a fountain of hot steamy piss that muddies up the soft bare ground.
A nervous brunette with long brown waves and short shorts glances anxiously around and hikes down her white cotton panties. She drips and drizzles out her pee at first, then squeezes out a steady stream and blots her soft snatch with a tissue. Daintily arranging her panties and shorts, she leaves a mound of tissue floating in a wet puddle of piss.
A third girl with straight shiny auburn locks hurries along in distress, urgently seeking a hidden piss spot. Her pink panties barely come down before the pee comes streaming out. She wipes from ass to slit and, eyes darting to check no one sees her, pulls down her dress and hurries off.

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